Villa Le Fontanelle


Surrounded by the nature of the Tuscan countryside and by more than three hectares of olive groves, Villa Le Fontanelle overlooks the city of Florence. The historic villa, that Cosimo de’ Medici gave to Marsilio Ficino to dedicate at the translation of the Corpus Hermeticum, is a charming and elegant place, a perfect location for a romantic and refined wedding.

The location is perfect for the realization of open-air events thanks to the magnificent Italian garden cared for in every detail and furnished with elegant elements. It perfectly suits every kind of wedding theme chosen by the couple.
A small fort located outside the main building of the villa, make this location one of the most intimate and requested place of the area. Inside the fort is possible to forget the outside world: it is the perfect place to relax and feed your mind, a place where time seems to stop.

A terraced garden offers an amazing panorama over the city of Florence and its most important monuments. It is a great set for a photo shooting and for a wedding reception surrounded by nature organized under a pergola characterized by climbing plants.

The interiors, elegant and luxurious, have suites with antique furnishings and living rooms where you can totally relax. French antiques, in perfect harmony with the silk hanging on the windows, make the atmosphere even more precious. The couple will feel surrounded by a magical place in which everything reminds a time of the past.
Villa Le Fontanelle also has a private chapel in which is possible to celebrate the blessing.


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