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Corporate Events

Organizing a corporate event at Villa Corsini, at the gateway to Florence in the town of Impruneta, is synonymous with success. The Villa is suited to any need thanks to the flexibility and grandeur of its spaces.

Each room has its own specific features, and each space can be supported by technological complements designed to the needs of every business event. In this way it is possible to offer a unique experience to guests and customers. In a historical, exclusive and reserved setting, it is possible to meet requests of each workshop or conference.


For a dream wedding in Tuscany, Villa Corsini is the ideal solution that knows how to meet all the guests needs. What does it mean to trust the Corsini Family? It means to have access not only to exclusive spaces and a spectacular villa for weddings in Florence. It means to count on the highest professionalism and seriousness of specialists trusted by Corsini. These professionals will be able to help the guests and clients in realizing the event the clients want.

Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte wants to make all the wedding moments unique: from the aperitif, the lunch or the dinner, to the cake cut. As well as the starting of the open bar, the dance and why not, pyrotechnics to clonclude a day full of emotions.

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